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OtterTax is a GraphQL-based API for processing, managing, and filing tax statements. Using OtterTax, you can validate the data in your statements, download PDF versions of the statements, file the statements with the taxing authority (either the Internal Revenue Service or the Social Security Administration) and check to be sure your file is accepted.

OtterTax hosts both production and sandbox APIs. The production API is for live data, and the sandbox API is freely available to anyone to use for testing.

If this is your first experience using the OtterTax API, we recommend that you choose one of the quick start guides so that you can get a feel for its design and operation. When you're done, come back here and explore the API in more detail.

Other Resources

Reader with book

Several video tutorials are available on the OtterTax videos page demonstrating how to get started with different programming languages. Our Github page provides full source code for the tutorials.


This documentation assumes you are already familiar with GraphQL. If you have not used GraphQL before or would like to review its concepts, there is an excellent overview on the GraphQL Foundation's website.