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Using a GUI Client

At times it can be useful to access the API using a graphical user interface (GUI). You might find a GUI useful if:

  • You're using the API for the first time and wish to better understand how it works.
  • You wish to view the live API documentation.
  • You're new to GraphQL and want to familiarize yourself with its features and functionality.
  • You're debugging a query or mutation.
  • You need to get quick information about statements.


The OtterTax API is designed to be accessed programmatically, and using a graphical user interface (GUI) can feel awkward and slow. Additionally, certain operations, like downloading PDF versions of statements, are not available using a graphical interface. In a production environment most of your interactions with the API will be done using the programming language of your choice.

Be sure you have completed the registration process before attempting to complete the next steps.