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Installing a GUI Client

There are several free GUI tools available for interacting with GraphQL.

The steps that follow demonstrate accessing the API with a Altair as a Chrome browser extension, but the principles are the same for any other client.


Some users have reported problems when using the Altair extension for Chrome, and the Altair developer recommends using the desktop client whenever possible. If you experience problmes with the Chrome extension, consider using the desktop client instead.

To install the extension, go to and click the download button. At the time of this writing, the landing page looks as follows:

Screenshot: Altair landing page
Altair Landing Page

After being redirected, select the client you wish to use. In our case, we'll be using the Chrome extension.

Screenshot: Selecting the Chrome extension
Selecting the Chrome Extension

Complete the installation by clicking Add to Chrome.

Screenshot: Add to Chrome
Add to Chrome

Starting the Client

Start the extension by clicking the extension icon in the toolbar (shown in red below) and then selecting Altair GraphQL Client (shown in blue).

Screenshot: Starting Altair
Starting the Altair Extension